The DeCon’s Week 15 Fantasy Football Picks – Playoff Edition – Round 2


I got a ton of action from the format I tried last week, so I am going to continue with that format this week for Round 2 of your fantasy football playoffs.  All weekend, the DeCon will again be in the little box on the side of the pews to hear your confessions.  Send an e-mail to or leave a comment to this post with your lineup questions and I will answer you with specific feedback on your given situation.

Because I always want to give you something to think about, here are a couple of plays I like for this week that you might not have been considering:

Pierre Garcon @ Jacksonville – Not only is the Jags D 26th overall, but they have allowed 20 TDs through the air this season.  If the Colts pull back the reins at all with their starters, you can still expect Garcon to be in the mix.  Garcon has also been pretty steady, last week aside against a good Denver D.  In his three games prior, Pierre went for 17 recpts and over 300 yards plus a TD.

Houston DST @ St. Louis – I played the “pick on the Lambs” game last week and picked up Tenn DST and they came up huge against the vaunted rookie, Keith Null and the mighty Lambs.  After Steven Jackson, they have nothing and the Houston DST might be just the sneaky start you need if your D has a tough matchup since the Houston DST is likely available in your league.

Beanie Wells @ Detroit – Tim Hightower did Wells’ owners a huge favor by laying an egg last week.  AZ has been looking for an excuse to get Wells more touches and he rewarded them with 79 yds on the ground and 24 in the air, plus a TD against a tough San Fran D, especially against the run.  I think they will let him run wild this week against the hapless Lions.

Other Nuggets

Chris Henry…RIP…I am not an apologist for NFL players who F**K up multiple times, but this kid finally seemed to be getting his life in order and was flying straight.  If nothing else, he leaves behind 3 small children and as a father of 3 myself, that is the saddest part of this story.

Can I get an “Amen” ?

The DeCon has spoken…so let it be written, so let it be done…

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