Trent Dilfer is a Moron: Gives Lovie Smith his Vote of Confidence (Video)


Trent Dilfer is to analysts what Trent Dilfer is to quarterbacks: HORRIBLE!  His analysis of the Jay Cutler and Chicago Bears situation is so wrong on so many levels.  Check this out:

"“He (Lovie) did not become a bad coach since 2006.”"

Really Trent?  How many trips to the playoffs since the Super Bowl?  Same number as your IQ – ZERO, buddy.

"“Lovie Smith didn’t ask for Jay Cutler and his 22 interceptions after 13 games.”"

No, Lovie’s boss Jerry Angelo did.  Fire him too!  Besides, what is the role of the coach?  Maybe to actually do a little coaching to get the best out of his players?

"“He (Lovie) does need to rule with an iron first…”"

What coach have you been watching?  Lovie’s “iron first” is more like Mike Ditka’s velvet glove.

"“…learn how to play the Chicago Bears way….”"

Trent, don’t tell us about the Chicago Bears way of doing things.  You have no fucking idea what the Chicago Bears way of doing things is.  Don’t you have some interceptions to be throwing?