The Top Bears of the 2000’s – Bear Dawn (12/18)


Yesterday, I brought you the piece of bad Super Bowl Rankings. Now, I got hold of a new article written by some idiot who has nothing better to do. Seriously, I wonder where I get all of this bad info for y’all….

Ah, I’m just kidding. Our guy Boomer brings us his ranking of the Best Chicago Bears players within the past decade.

I tried to create an argument about his rankings for argument’s sake and I couldn’t do it. I think that he did a damn good job of ranking them; now, if you don’t agree, drop a comment. Let us know who else should be included AND why.  If anything, it’ll keep you busy during this last boring day at work/school/home/igloo.

Ray Rice is a dangerous running back. Thanks, Larry!

The Bears need to watch Ray Lewis on every play. Thanks, Larry!

Bears veterans are wondering what went wrong this year.


Brad Palmer: The Bears have nothing going for them against Baltimore.

Surprisingly, Jeff Hughes is an optimist when it comes to the Baltimore game.

Here is the Chicago Bears soundtrack, Disc 1.

Chicago Sun-Times

Tom Zbikowski is a Raven through and through.

John Harbaugh believes that Dave Toub is ready to become a head coach.

Mark Potash: Bears players and coaches are getting ready for major changes.

Mark Potash: Lance Briggs misses Ron Rivera.

Mike Mulligan: The #1 priority for the Bears is to get Jay Cutler on track.

Rick Morrissey: The Bears have started to turn on each other.

Chicago Tribune

Some disgruntled Bears fans created a new song: “Lie Down, Chicago Bears”

David Haugh praises Hester for his outburst.

Speaking of which, Lance Briggs also believes that major organizational changes are coming.

The writing is on the wall for Orlando Pace.

Even better, cutting Pace won’t cost the Bears much.

The CB’s are expected to be OK.

Chris Williams was fined $7,500 for his facemask penalty on Clay Matthews.

So was Patrick Mannelly.

Jamar Williams missed practice yesterday.

But, Charles Tillman and Zack Bowman did practice.

Brian Billick wasn’t too pleased with Urlacher’s comments way back when.

Apparently, the Bills are targeting the Bears’ college scouting director Greg Gabriel.

Darryl Drake clarified Devin Hester’s remarks.

The Ravens are going to wear their alternate uniforms for Sunday’s game.

Sam Farmer makes his Week 15 picks.

The Ravens are preparing for the special teams threats that the Bears will trot out on Sunday.

Apparently, Tommie Harris saved Aaron Rodgers’ knee.

Dan Pompei: The Bears see upside in Gaines Adams. I sure as hell hope so.

The Bears know that changes will be made – at this point, it’s wait-and-see time.

Lovie expressed sorrow for Chris Henry’s passing.

CSN Chicago

Drake clarified and explained Hester’s remarks. 

What went wrong for the Bears this year?

Daily Herald

Jay Cutler and Ron Turner are taking a lot of blame for the Bears’ woes.

Darryl Drake defended Hester….kind of.

The Bears are wanting 2005 and 2006 to come back.

ESPN Chicago

Orlando Pace will be a backup for the rest of the year.

Lance Briggs wishes we wouldn’t have gotten rid of some people – don’t miss this article.

Ray Rice is close to breaking a milestone – will he do it against the Bears?

Devin Hester was held out of practice yesterday.

USA Today

The author takes a look at the rest of the Bears’ season following the Packers loss.