Bears stuck in Chicago – Game versus Ravens could move again


According to the Tribune’s Brad Biggs (it’s still strange saying that since he jumped over from the Sun Times), the Bears were supposed to leave on Friday night, but due to mechanical problems on their team charter, their flight was canceled.  Normally the Bears leave for road games on Saturday afternoon, but with the impending snowstorm set to hit Baltimore this weekend, the team decided to leave early.  Check out the details here:

"The Bears were not scheduled to leave O’Hare Friday night on their United Airlines charter flight until 10:30 p.m. The team sat on the plane for two hours before the flight was cancelled. According to a passenger, an announcement was made that there was a mechanical issue, and the team would need to change planes. Before that could happen, the window of opportunity to leave closed and the Bears arrived back at Halas Hall on buses at about 1:15 a.m.Typically, the Bears leave for road games early on Saturday afternoons. Why the team didn’t try to leave earlier on Friday is unknown. It did not begin snowing until after 9 p.m. and there wasn’t any accumulation on roads until around midnight Eastern."

I heard the Bears couldn’t leave earlier because they used miles to book the flight and the tickets were not transferable.  This goes to show just how fucked up this organization is – they  can’t get something as simple as a flight arranged.   If they knew the storm was set to hit on Friday night, why not load up the old Family Truckster Friday afternoon and get out of Dodge?

There is a possibility that the game could even be moved to Monday night.  Great, another national embarrassment!  Stay tuned for more details.