Bad Bears Football – Bear Dawn (12/21)


Sorry kids….I’m too depressed to have any lead-in for today. Let’s just get straight to the links.


Again, Jeff Hughes wants Lovie gone. 

This wannabe wanksta raps about the Ravens.

Chicago Sun-Times

Rick Morrissey: The Bears are really, really bad, but Jerry Angelo has no right to judge Lovie’s fate.

Mike Mulligan: Jerry has done a bad job of identifying talent and Lovie has done a bad job of developing talent.

Jerry Angelo said prior to the Ravens game that Lovie’s job isn’t necessarily safe.

Chicago Tribune

The Bears are now doomed for a losing season. 

Steve Rosenbloom details his thoughts on the game – don’t miss it.

Adewale Ogunleye suffered a lower-leg fracture, most likely ending his Bears career.

Here’s the video from Jerry’s presser.

Dan Pompei: The D is playing without confidence.

Interested in how the Tribune staff made it to Baltimore? Well, you’re in luck.

CSN Chicago

John Mullin: If the Bears’ coaching staff was trying to save their job, this game didn’t help their cause. 

John Mullin grades the Bears.

Daily Herald

Usual post-game writeup from the Daily Herald.

Bob LeGere muses on the game.

Tom Zbikowski had a pretty good game against the Bears.

Hunter Hillenmeyer’s quote on the defense is awesome.

ESPN Chicago

Jeff Dickerson has his top-10 Bears of the past decade. 

Jeff Dickerson has an EXCELLENT article about the state of the Bears, and he speaks in some pretty strong language. Check it out.

Jeff Dickerson also lists three possible replacements for Lovie.

Melissa Isaacson goes after Jerry Angelo.

Jon Greenberg, like all of us, is sick and tired of watching bad Bears football.