Bears Buried in Baltimore: Ravens Win 31-7


On the day after the East Coast was buried under nearly two feet of snow, the Chicago Bears were buried by the Baltimore Ravens, falling 31-7 in yet another humiliating loss.  If you didn’t have the stomach for the game or if you were busy shoveling, here is a link to the lowlights.

After the game, talk of job security and votes of confidence dominated the postgame discussion.  That seems to be at the core of the problem; there is more concern about saving jobs and laying blame for another forgettable season rather than attempting to actually, oh, I don’t know, formulate a goddamn game plan and coaching this team.

In a sequence that is emblematic of the 2009 Chicago Bears, the Ravens miss a field goal attempt just after the 2-minute warning.  The Bears have a perfect opportunity to march down the field to tie the score and build some momentum heading into the half.   The first play was a failed screen pass to Matt Forte, where Jay Cutler had to chuck the ball into the dirt.  The next play is a handoff to Forte.

As the play breaks down and appears to be going nowhere, instead of going down in bounds, Forte inexplicably goes out of bounds to stop the clock.  Now it’s 3rd and 10 with still well over a minute left to go in the half.  Cutler drops back to pass, but as he usually does, runs for his life.  But Cutler also runs out of bounds.  Ravens get the ball back without having to burn a time out.

Ultimately, the play didn’t cost the Bears, as the Ravens stalled in their drive, but it’s just such a good example of the utter lack of discipline and coaching.

Watching this game was like a three-hour dry heave.  The second half was the most uninspired football that I’ve ever seen.

The Bears turned it over 6 times, led by Jay Cutler’s three interceptions.  He leads the league with 25.   Cutler’s passer rating was a Grossman-esque 7.9.  If you told me that was possible before the season, I would have told you that was impossible.

The lone highlight for the Bears was an Earl Bennett 49-yard punt return.  Even that silver cloud has a dark lining, reminding us that Devin Hester isn’t getting the job done as a return man nor as a receiver.

If anything positive can come of this, I hope it’s that the Bears drop Lovie and do it immediately.


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