Ebenezer Ditka Rips Cutler and Bears (Video)


Ebenezer Ditka?  I couldn’t make this stuff up.   Check out this little bit that Da Coach did for the Worldwide Leader:

I’m glad he got it right by the end of the video, because the first ‘Beh Humbug’ really disappointed me.  Can’t argue with what he said – he’s dead on, although now the Cutler-meter stands at 25.

I think if we wanted to play out A Christmas Carol a bit more, it should be Ebenezer McCaskey getting visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.    I’m not that up on my old Christmas movie trivia, so help me out.  Who should play the roles of the Ghosts in our Bears version of this story?  For me, I’m hoping Lovie is the coach of Christmas past ASAP!


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