New HC Name In The Mix – Bear Dawn (12/26)


Well, add another name to the mix.

Mike Heimerdinger, the OC for the Tennessee Titans, is now being batted around for Lovie Smith’s possible replacement. The article makes a lot of sense considering the Bears’ prior history: he has no prior head coaching experience (less money, which would mean less of a hit to the McCaskey’s wallet) and has tutored Cutler before in Denver. The wheel keeps on turning…..

Chicago Sun-Times

Neil Hayes: Chicago Bears, here’s a Christmas resolution – beat the Vikings.

Chicago Tribune

The Bears are warming up to Devin Aromashodu. That’s good. I’ll warm up to him when he stops dropping balls.

USC quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates is expected to get numerous NFL offers this year.

Robbie Gould rewarded Patrick Mannelly and Brad Maynard with designer watches for their play this year.

CSN Chicago

John Mullin: Is something amiss in Minnesota?

Daily Herald

Lance Briggs is none too pleased with how the Bears have played this year.