Ron Turner Is Still Bad – Bear Dawn (12/31)



Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune took an in-depth look at Cutler’s stats in and out of the pocket this year. As we know, Cutler feels more comfortable and has made some huge plays outside of the pocket. The main point of the article? Originally, Ron Turner met with Cutler and was focused on moving the pocket. Problem is, we have horrible offensive linemen who couldn’t adequately block, and thus had to steer away from the plan.

Jerry, Lovie, and Ron: Go away.

Speaking of Lovie, check out this post from my guy smudgers on the many, many faces of Lovie Smith. It’s good for a laugh or five.

Hunter Hillenmeyer made some great plays last Monday – will he do the same on Sunday?

Jay Cutler does, indeed, have confidence in his young receivers.

Chris Williams also got a boost of confidence after going against Jared Allen.

Jerry Angelo’s weekly Q&A.


I know it’s old, but Jeff Hughes’ thoughts on the Vikings game is a can’t-miss.

Jeff Hughes muses that the Bears’ silence is incriminating for Lovie’s future.

Mike Burzawa gives us his thoughts about and their efforts.

Here are Lovie’s and Cutler’s post-game thoughts.

Brad Palmer reflects on the game.

Chicago Sun-Times

Mike Mulligan: We found Devin Aromashodu out of the blue – who else on our roster can play?

Rick Morrissey: Even with the win, the Bears are bad.

Mark Potash believes the same thing.

Of course, Lovie won’t address his future….

Chicago Tribune

David Haugh: Would someone please address Lovie’s future?

Dan Pompei: Chris Williams and a total of eight other Bears helped to keep Jared Allen at bay.

Jay Cutler addresses the finger that he didn’t throw.

Kevin Payne was back at practice, so Craig Steltz was shown the bench.

The Detroit Lions are likely to start Dante Culpepper.

Dominic Raiola: Centers like Kreutz are one of a kind. I agree.

Here’s the transcription from Jay Day.

Juaquin Iglesias will make his debut against the Lions.

Charles Tillman is still in the hospital – Knox and Manning are expected to miss the game vs. the Lions.

Pisa Tinoisamoa is hoping to stay with the Bears.

CSN Chicago

John Mullin: Chris Williams showed up against the Vikings.

John Mullin: Is it possible for a 6-9 team to be overconfident?

John Mullin: Looking back, how close were the Bears to 9-6?

Lance Briggs has put in a tremendous amount of work, and it’s paying off.

Daily Herald

Mike Imrem: The Vikings win doesn’t change my mind at all.

Mike Imrem: I can’t figure out which Chicago coaches will stay or go….

Barry Rozner: Where were these guys all season?

Devin Aromashodu is a humble guy – just ask Bob LeGere.

The Bears have moved Brett Basanez and Woody Turenne to the active roster.

ESPN Chicago

Melissa Isaacson: Where was that passion and effort all season?

Melissa Isaacson: Finally, the Bears gave us something to cheer about.

Jon Greenberg: Who cares if the game was meaningless? The Bears found how to have fun again.

Jeff Dickerson: Was the victory against the Vikings enough to keep Lovie around?

Jeff Dickerson: A loss to the Lions would turn this season into a complete disaster.

Devin Aromashodu ensured his spot on the Bears’ 2010 roster.

Olin Kreutz isn’t worried about his future with the Bears.

Desmond Clark finally found his way back to the endzone.

The Bears’ secondary is a disaster right now.

The Bears have placed Charles Tillman and Israel Idonije on IR.

Juaquin Iglesias talks about his first “active” game.

Here’s Wednesday’s injury report.

Sporting News

My guy wiltfongjr offers a very superstitious Bearprint for Success against Detroit.

Blog Down, Chicago Bears

I’ll do some shameless self-promotion: Here’s how my trip for the Vikings game went.