No lead-in link today....all I have to say is that I'm really, really ..."/>

No lead-in link today....all I have to say is that I'm really, really ..."/>

No lead-in link today....all I have to say is that I'm really, really ..."/>



No lead-in link today….all I have to say is that I’m really, really looking forward to this week. It’s going to be a week filled with excitement, hope, and most likely, disappointment. I really want Lovie gone, but I doubt it’ll happen.

The postgame write-up from PR spinmaster Larry Mayer.


Here’s Lovie’s presser from the Lions game….will it be his last one?

Here’s Cutler’s final 2009 numbers….not as bad as I thought.

Brad Palmer: Whose jobs were saved with the Detroit win?

Here’s a funny Jerry Angelo spoof.

Chicago Sun-Times

Rick Morrissey: Lovie Smith deserves to be fired, and here’s why.

Mike Mulligan: Who stays, who goes?

Chicago Tribune

Dan Pompei believes that Lovie Smith should stay, while David Haugh believes that Lovie’s gotta go.

And Steve Rosenbloom sides with David Haugh.

Ron Turner believes that he’ll be staying. Unfortunately, he’s really, really wrong.

Dan Pompei’s mailbag.

Jay Cutler is excited about his current WR’s.

Jay Cutler knows that he has to get his INT’s down next year. No kidding….

Dan Pompei: The Bears’ big need is a ball-hawking free safety, among others.

Here’s the Bears’ 2010 schedule.

Here are the Bears that are signed and which are free agents.

Lovie’s top ten defining games.

Lovie’s top ten defining players.

Lovie’s top ten defining coaches.

Lovie’s top ten Lovieisms.

CSN Chicago

Jay led us to victory….hoorah!

The future of the Bears coaching staff will be determined this week.

Here are the grades from the game.

Daily Herald

Who will be back in 2010?

Devin Hester likes what he sees in DA.

Hunter Hillenmeyer really performed at a high level this year.

Here’s the transcript from Ron Turner talking.

Was that the real Jay Cutler? Let’s certainly hope so.

ESPN Chicago

Ron Turner passed on speculating on his future.

This can be filed under the “Duh” file: Matt Forte was injured all year.

Here are the bright spots of the Detroit game.

Jon Greenberg: There was nothing “big” about this win.

Melissa Isaacson: The Bears need to clean house….now.

Blog Down, Chicago Bears

Shameless self-promotion: My take on the Lions win.