Alright kids, here it is. The big day. Here's what you should expect, ..."/>

Alright kids, here it is. The big day. Here's what you should expect, ..."/>

Lovie Returns – Bear Dawn (1/5)


Alright kids, here it is. The big day. Here’s what you should expect, courtesy of PFT:

1) Lovie will stay. Unfortunate, but I’ll live (more on this later)

2) Ron Turner will be fired, as well as most/all of the offensive staff.

3) Lovie will lose his defensive playcalling responsibilities. Those, according to PFT, will go to Rod Marinelli (what?).

4) Jeremy Bates is being considered for Turner’s job.

Truth be told, Lovie saved his job with the last two wins. Whether you believe he should be gone or should stay is irrelevant at this point. I’m really hoping that Marinelli doesn’t get promoted….I’m not quite sure of his credentials.

So what am I excited about? Jeremy Bates. He’s worked with Cutler and, from all available sources, Cutler likes him. A lot. That’s what we need.

Here’s a nice piece on Tim Shaw and all of his Aaron Rowand/Scottie Pods-esque grindiness.

Apparently, the players want Lovie back.


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My guy wiltfongjr has a great piece on Jay Cutler – don’t miss this article!