DC and OC Interviews This Week – Bear Dawn (1/11)


Here’s a couple of articles detailing the major decisions the Bears have looming for them. The Chicago Tribune gives the overview, while Jeff Dickerson of ESPN Chicago gives a little more in-depth analysis. Perry Fewell interviews with the Bears on Monday and Jeremy Bates interviews on Tuesday.

Get ready, kids. Those two are your 2010 Bears DC and OC, respectively. Just a hunch….

Chicago Sun-Times

Neil Hayes: If Pete Carroll goes to Seattle, he might take Bates with him. 

Sean Jensen believes that Greg Olsen deserves a new contract, and soon.

Sean Jensen also makes the case for Mike Martz. He lost me after that one.

Chicago Tribune

David Haugh plays revisionist historian and wonders what would’ve happened if Nick Saban was the Bears coach. 

Perry Fewell has everything the Bears are looking for in a DC.

Tennessee’s OC Jim Chaney may draw some interest for the Bears’ OC job.

David Haugh also doesn’t want Jeremy Bates.

Robbie Gould sold his house. Don’t worry, he just bought a bigger one.

Joe Gibbs believes in Al Saunders.

The Bengals are believed to try to retain DC Zimmer.

Leslie Frazier is believed to be the frontrunner for the Buffalo Bills job.

Daily Herald

Mike Imrem fires a shot at Ted Phillips. 

ESPN Chicago

Melissa Isaacson: The Bears’ former players in the playoffs are an indictment of player development.