Bears Rolling Dice on Tice?


Warm up the party boat, Bears fans!  Another name has surfaced in the Great Coordinator Search of 2010 and it’s former Vikings Head Coach Mike Tice.  You remember Mike Tice, don’t you?  He was the Vikings head coach under whose leadership the Vikings had their infamous Love Boat scandal, where 17 Viking players took to the high seas of Lake Minnetonka with a bunch of hookers.

Tice is currently under contract as the assistant head coach in charge of tight ends with the Jacksonville Jaguars.  What kind of title is that?  Is that like The Office’s Dwight Schrute: Assistant to the Regional Manager?

It’s possible that the Bears could hire Tice in a capacity other than full-fledged offensive coordinator.  There is also some speculation that the Bears may be considering splitting up the offensive coordinator duties among several individuals.

"It also is possible the team will not have one person handle all of the traditional offensive coordinator responsibilities. They could divvy up the job among two or even three coaches. Tice, for instance, could be the running game coordinator while another coach could be in charge of the passing game."

What is this, the College of Coaches?  How did that work out for the Cubs?  We couldn’t get the plays in on time with just one coordinator!

What a freaking joke!  The only thing that would be the cherry on top of this steaming pile would be if Perry Fewell decides to take the Giants‘ DC job and the Bears come up empty there too.

On the bright side, if Tice does take a position with the Bears, at least he knows how to throw a decent party.

All aboard!!!