Desmond Clark’s “Million Dollar March Program”


As I mentioned last night, Desmond Clark has a foundation that’s doing a lot of good in the community. His foundation, 88 Wayz, just unveiled the Million Dollar March Program. What’s the purpose of it? I’ll let the website explain:

"88 Ways Youth Organization, Inc. is proud to announce their Million Dollar March Program to provide continuous services to at “risk youth” in the Polk County area. By providing your support, we will be able to expand on current programs as well as implement desired programs in an effort to help “wayward” youth become effective and productive adults.Your donation will help support the TALKS Mentoring Program, G.A.N.G., HIV/AIDs Outreach and Awareness, Domestic Violence Education and Awareness, Trips to local Government office, State and County Offices as well as After School Tutoring, Individual Computers to help prepare our youth for SAT’s, ACT’s and College Prep courses. These funds will be utilized to address Homeless Youth and Youth Aging out of Foster Care. It is our hope to take our youth on annual field trips to visit colleges and camping. We also plan on doing Youth rallies, annual events that will allow our youth to gain prospective from geographical environments. We also want to provide scholarship opportunities to youth to continue their education."

In other words, this is a foundation that helps kids prepare themselves for a productive life and deterring them from the negative. If you supported BearFansUnited by putting up a pointless billboard that did absolutely no good, here’s a situation in which you can have a tangible effect on today’s youth. If you’re hesitant about donating, here’s another plus: the donation is tax-exempt.

Make sure to visit for any further information. And, if you have any questions, I’m sure that Desmond would be more than happy to answer them.