LOWER THE BOOM: Fewell to Giants, Bears left to Scramble…Again


The supposed front-runner to assume the reigns of the Bears defense appears to be headed elsewhere.  Early reports indicate the Perry Fewell will accept the New York Giants‘ offer to become their defensive coordinator.  So it’s back to the drawing board for the Bears.

They might as well prop up a cardboard cutout of Buddy Ryan at this point.  This coordinator search appears to be about as well coordinated as our team was last season.  They’ve already missed out on their top two candidates for OC and now they’re scrambling for a backup plan on defense.

Here’s a fearless prediction – no matter who takes pity on the Bears and accepts the coordinator positions, Jerry, Moe and Curly will step to the podium and assure Bears fans that “this is the guy we wanted all along” and “what a great fit this will be.”


I guess it’s fitting that second choice Lovie will be saddled with second and third (or turd) choices at best to help him try to save his worthless job.

Take the Seattle Seahawks as an example of how big boy teams do it.  They pre-interview their top target candidate before they even fire their one-and-done head coach and before you know it, Pete Carroll (and top OC candidate Jeremy Bates) are off to Pike’s Place to catch some fish.  That’s how real teams go about their business, with a plan.

Somewhere, Ron Turner is laughing and all I can say is…