Prince Pens Purple and Gold for Vikings vs Saints


Prince was so moved by the Vikings win over the Cowboys last week, he put together a tribute song to his hometown team for the NFC Championship versus the New Orleans Saints: Purple and Gold.

Worst. Song. EVER.

I was so moved after I heard that, I had to go vomit.   If you’re really interested what spews from mini-me’s brain, here are the lyrics, according to My Fox Twin Cities:

"Purple and Gold Lyricsthe veil of the sky draws openthe roar of the chariots touch downwe r the ones who have now come againand walk upon water like solid groundas we approach the throne we won’t bow downthis time we won’t b deniedraise every voice and let it b knownin the name of the purple and goldwe come in the name of the purple and goldall of the odds r in r favorno prediction 2 boldwe r the truth if the truth can b toldlong reign the purple and goldthe eyes say ready 4 battleno need 4 sword in hand"

If I have to be subjected to any Vikings singing, I prefer Favre flubbing the lyrics to Pants on the Ground:

Who will this Bears fan be rooting for?