Neil Hayes had an excellent art..."/>

Neil Hayes had an excellent art..."/>

Waddle Talks Concussions and More – Bear Dawn (2/11)


Neil Hayes had an excellent article regarding the Bears’ future and Jay Cutler. I don’t necessarily agree with all of his points, but it’s well-written and definitely worth a peek.

Also, Tom Waddle and other former Bears discuss concussions – again, another excellent read.

And, Minnesota fans have really gone too far.

Mel Kiper identifies the Bears’ 2010 draft needs.

Larry Mayer breaks down the 2009 TE’s.


Jeff Hughes’ “Audibles from the Long Snapper.”

Chicago Sun-Times

Could the Bears get Anquan Boldin for a third-round pick?

Chicago Tribune

The final toxicology reports show no drugs were involved in Gaines Adams’ death – what will the NFL do in terms of testing?

Brad Biggs breaks down the 2009 Bears’ CB’s.

CSN Chicago

John Mullin: Will collective bargaining affect free agency?

ESPN Chicago

Mike Martz: The Bears will be ‘judicious’ with Hester.

Here’s an excellent article on restricted free agency – don’t miss it!