Let’s Talk Some Bears


I know, I haven’t been around in a while. I’ve been a little busy with my real-life job, school, and life happening. But, since I’m back, let’s talk about some of the Bears’ moves:

– Why on God’s green Earth did the Bears sign Tim Jennings? He’s another undersized corner, one that will get dominated in the Cover-2. Now, I realize that Nathan Vasher was awful and deserved to get cut, especially with his ridiculous salary. Yet I still can’t figure out why they signed another undersized corner. Find someone who actually fits the Cover-2 instead of someone who might be able to play.

– Look, Jason McKie sucked at running the ball behind our horrific offensive line. But he still had value as a blocker and as a receiver out of the backfield. Why the Bears are running everyone out of town who doesn’t fit into Martz’s system (except for Greg Olsen) baffles me. What if we miss the playoffs again in 2010 and Halas Hall is cleaned out? We’re stuck without a decent fullback and with a tight end who really can’t do anything BUT block (Manumaleuna).

– Chester Taylor = great pickup. Getting 7 million guaranteed = not so great. Regardless, I can’t complain about this. Taylor’s a hard-nosed running back and should be able to help a ton.

– Julius Peppers. Do I need to say anything else?

– Finally, where was Jerry when Anquan Boldin was shipped for a 3rd and a 4th? And the Cards got a 5th in return! Toss in Greg Olsen and you’d probably have to just give up a 3rd. I don’t get that non-move either. Having Boldin, Aromashodu, Hester, Knox, and (maybe) Bennett? That’s a lot more dangerous. I’m of the opinion that the Bears don’t need to address WR in the draft, but still….when you have a chance to better yourself for cheap, you take the deal.

Regardless, I want to know what YOU think. Drop a line in the comments and tell me what you agree/don’t agree with.