More Bears Should Trade for Brandon Marshall Speculation


Since we just marked the one year anniversary of the Jay Cutler Trade, I wrote up an in-depth review of Year 1 of the Jay Cutler Era and it’s amazing what a roller coaster ride it’s been.

I just read an article at The Sporting News and Mike Florio is suggesting Five Moves that should be made before the NFL draft to happen before the draft and #2 on the list is for the Bears to trade for Brandon Marshall.  Here’s what he says:

"Last year, the Bears sent two first-round picks (and more) to the Broncos for quarterback Jay Cutler. To date, the move has been a failure — and it has left coach Lovie Smith and GM Jerry Angelo on wafer-thin ice.The situation has created sufficient desperation to prompt the Bears to overpay for a trio for day one free agents – Julius Peppers, Chester Taylor and Brandon Manumaleuna — which in the short term has removed the sense of gloom and doom that had taken over Halas Hall.So with the Broncos looking to unload receiver Brandon Marshall, why don’t the Bears try to get him? Sure, the Broncos want a first-round draft pick and the Bears already sent theirs to Denver in the Cutler deal. The Bears should instead dangle their 2011 first-rounder, and possibly throw in a conditional selection based on Marshall’s performance in the coming season.If the Marshall plan fails, Angelo and Smith likely won’t be there to not use the first-round pick in 2011 anyway. If it works, Angelo and Smith would gladly give up the pick for the ensuing job security.Though the Broncos may not want to enable a Cutler-Marshall reunion, they may not have many/any other options for unloading a guy they clearly don’t want."

It’s one thing to pull off the trade and continue to mortgage the future by pissing away future draft picks, but it’s entirely another thing to pay the guy once you get him here.  I think Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith have already busted the door off the vault and cleared out all of the McCaskey’s cash at the opening of free agency when they committed over $100 million to Julius Peppers, Chester Taylor and Brandon Manumaleuna.

As much as I drool over the thought of Cutler to Marshall, I really think there are more pressing needs, especially at safety and along the offensive line.  Take care of those and roll with the receivers you’ve got.