Bulger: A Backup Plan?


With as many hits as Jay Cutler took last season, it was a miracle that he finished the season in one piece and we never saw Caleb Hanie take any meaningful snaps.   Now that the Rams have released longtime quarterback Marc Bulger, it would make all of the sense in the world to bring him in to be Cutler’s backup.

Bulger spent time with Mike Martz and knows his system cold, making him a valuable asset for the Bears as they adopt Mad Mike’s voluminous playbook.  (Yes, voluminous is a word.  Look it up!)

One thing I haven’t heard much about is the other side of the coin.  To us, it makes perfect sense, but what about Bulger?  What makes sense for him?   Maybe wearing a baseball cap and holding a clipboard until the unthinkable happens to Jay Cutler is not how he plans to spend the “golden years” of his NFL career.

Dan Pompei suggests a few possible destinations including Oakland, Buffalo and Carolina as possible landing spots where Bulger could compete for a starting job.  I would think Arizona would be another great destination with Kurt Warner’s retirement.

Whatever the case, unless Martz or Lovie has a favor coming from Bulger, it’s unlikely he’ll come on the cheap and even less likely that the Bears will pony up big bucks for a backup.