No, Devin Hester&..."/>

No, Devin Hester&..."/>

Devin Hester’s New Website Takes Flight


No, Devin Hester has not become the newest Angel in Victoria’s Secret ad campaign.  The image above was taken from the Windy City Flyer’s new Red Bull sponsored website.

What could you find on the site?  Devin chimes in on health care, the economy and global warming.  Ya think?!?!  For those who crave more shirtless photos of Hester or some pics of Hester modeling his Red Bull gear around town, this is the place for you.

There is also a brief bio and some stats while Devin also shares some of his pre-game rituals and answers 23 questions.  He’s #23. Get it?  Soooo clever.

What’s not on the site?  Any action photos like this one:

or his electrifying Super Bowl XLI kick return like this:

Now all we need is for Devin to get back to returning kicks like the best to ever do it back from a couple of years ago.  Stop trying to make him a #1 receiver and let him do what he does best.