Sainthood for Alex Brown


He was worshiped like a saint upon his departure out of Chicago and now Alex Brown is a Saint, a New Orleans Saint that is.   Brown signed a 2-year deal that will pay him $6.5 million over two years.

It’s a little bit of a pay cut for AB, which led Jurko of ESPN 1000’s Afternoon Saloon to speculate whether the Bears asked Brown to take a pay cut and when he refused the haircut, he punched his ticket out of Chicago.  That’s just speculation on Jurko’s part while other published reports noted that Brown had asked for an extension.

Either way, Brown moves on and into a new system where he will be expected to hold down the left defensive end position.  When asked about whether he needed to bulk up to play left end, here’s what AB said:

"“I’m going to play at 255 (pounds),” Brown said. “That’s it. I played 250, 255 (with the Bears). My goal is to be the starting left end. My goal is to be the best defensive end in the league, regardless of which side I am playing. I won’t have to bulk up. I think I can play at 255. I think it’s more attitude than anything. I learned a lot of that from Wale (Ogunleye). He’s the best left end I have ever played with and he played at, soaking wet, closed to 265 pounds. He wasn’t huge either. It’s all about attitude.”"

I love Alex, but when you’re touting Wale Ogunleye as the best left end you’ve ever play with, that ain’t sayin’ much.  That said, I have no doubt Brown will thrive in the Big Easy.

Thanks for all you’ve given the Bears Alex and best of luck in New Orleans!


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