Bears Draft Prospects: A Baker’s Dozen of the Top Safeties

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This season’s draft class is considered one of the deepest in many years and if you’re a Bears fan, that’s a good thing.  Why you might ask?  Because without a first or second round pick, there is still a chance that there might be some talent left for Jerry Angelo to mis-evalutate when the 75th pick rolls around and the Bears are on the clock.

Perhaps the biggest need the Bears have yet to address is the safety position.  Lance Briggs thinks the Bears need a veteran in the defensive backfield.  I tend to agree but based on the lack of activity from the Bears in the free agent market, it stands to reason that the Bears will address this need in the draft.

Let’s check out this Gallery of the top safety prospects in the upcoming draft and see if they might be able to actually nab on of these guys.

1. Eric Berry, 6-0, 211, Tennessee

Berry is touted as a can’t miss in this draft and has even drawn some comparisons to Ed Reed.  Um, yes please.  He is a sure-fire Top 10 pick, so there is ZERO CHANCE that the Bears can pull this off.