Bears Draft Prospects: A Baker’s Dozen of the Top Safeties

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11. Larry Asante, 6-0, 212, Nebraska

Asante played linebacker in Community College and converted to Strong Safety for the Huskers.  He has a reputation as a fearless defender who isn’t afraid to mix it up with bigger players.  Check out this from his profile:

"Asante nicknamed himself “The Assassin” after arriving at Nebraska because he wanted to be the physical, aggressive hitter teams seek at the position. Opposing ballcarriers can attest to the idea that he’s lived up to that label, using his size and athleticism to be one of the top thumpers in this year’s draft."

Rule #1 – you don’t get to give yourself a nickname , especially one like Assasin; it’s earned.

The Bears once took a Safety out of New Mexico and converted him to a middle linebacker; I wonder if they could pull off the opposite.