Will Bears Trade Up in Draft? Not Likely Under Angelo


In case you’re thinking Jerry Angelo and the Bears will pull off a draft deal to move up to grab a safety, history is against it.  Thanks to the Trib’s Brad Biggs, here’s the Bears’ draft deal history under Jerry Angelo:

"The Bears have traded up only once in their last eight drafts. Jerry Angelo has traded picks for picks on 10 occasions and moved up only one time.A look at the list of Angelo trades involving draft picks.Key: 2-49 indicates 2nd round, 49th overall pick2009 with Seattle: 2-49 for 3-68 (DL Jarron Gilbert), 4-105 (DL Henry Melton)2008 Miami: 4-110 for 4-115 (x), 7-208 (DE Ervin Baldwin)2008 Tampa Bay: 4-115, 6-175 for 4-120 (S Craig Steltz), 5-158 (TE Kellen Davis)2007 San Diego: 2-37 for 2-62 (DE Dan Bazuin), 3-93 (RB Garrett Wolfe), 5-167 (S Kevin Payne), 2008 3-90 (DT Marcus Harrison)2006 Buffalo: 1-26 for 2-42 (S Danieal Manning), 3-73 (DT Dusty Dvoracek)2004 San Fran: 4-104 for 4-112 (LB Leon Joe), 5-147 (DE Claud Harriott)2003 N.Y. Jets: 1-4 for 1-13 (x), 1-22 (QB Rex Grossman), 4-116 (DT Ian Scott)2003 New England: 1-13 for 1-14 (DE Michael Haynes), 6-193 (traded)2003 Jacksonville*: 6-176, 6-193, 7-218 for 5-143 (WR Justin Gage)2002 Dallas: 2-63, 4-129 for 3-72 (CB Roosevelt Williams), 4-104 (DE Alex Brown), 5-140 (S Bobby Gray)(x)-traded; *-only trade to move up"

Notice they only moved up once in all those deals?  There are a lot of familiar names in that list, but not many impact players.  Maybe with his back against the wall, Jerry will pull the trigger on a big move.