Gaines Adams Trade Turns into Tight End Gronkowski for Patriots


I guess it’s only fitting that with all of the talk about the Patriots need for a tight end and the Bears trying to move Greg Olsen to get into the 2nd round that that Pats would select a tight end in the second round.  The cherry on top?  New England traded up into the spot that would have belonged to the Bears had they not made the Gaines Adams trade.

The Patriots selected Rob Gronkowski, the 6’6″ 264 lb tight end out of Arizona, considered one of the top tight ends in this draft class.

So much for moving Olsen to get into the 2nd round, as they’re about the pull the curtain on round 2.  The good news?  Only about 10 more picks until the Bears draft.  Finally, that wait is (almost) over!