Top Safety Prospects Still Available


The Bears might have lucked out a little bit on the first night of the draft, with only two safeties getting selected, with Eric Berry going 5th to the Chiefs and Earl Thomas going to the Seahawks at #14.  That leaves plenty of top choices still on the board.  Here’s a list of the top safety prospects:

Mays, Taylor     FS    6’3″    230    Southern Cal
Allen, Nathaniel    FS    6’0″    207    South Florida
Burnett, Morgan    SS    6’1″    209    Georgia Tech
Jones, Chad    FS    6’2″    221    LSU
Wright, Major    FS    5’11”    206    Florida
Jones, Reshad    SS    6’1″    214    Georgia
Asante, Larry    SS    6’0″    212    Nebraska
Ward, T.J.    FS    5’10”    211    Oregon
Chancellor, Kam    FS    6’3″    231    Virginia Tech
Rolle, Myron    SS    6’2″    215    Florida State
Coleman, Kurt    SS    5’10”    192    Ohio State
Church, Barry     SS    6’1″    222    Toledo
Stuckey, Darrell    FS    5’11”    205    Kansas

Once you get below Major Wright, the choices get decidedly riskier as you go down, although Myron Rolle is an interesting prospect.