Netting Out the Bears Offseason Additions and Subtractions


In an offseason that kicked off by management promising big changes and then leaving most of the status quo in tact, let’s sum up what really happened during the Bears offseason.  ESPN Chicago’s Jeff Dickerson does a nice job summing up the key additions and subtractions to the Bears’ roster.  Check it out:

"Notable player additions: Defensive end Julius Peppers, running back Chester Taylor, safety Chris Harris, tight end Brandon Manumaleuna, safety Major Wright, defensive end Corey Wootton, cornerback Tim Jennings, Pisa Tinoisamoa (re-signed after playing in just two games)Notable player subtractions: Defensive end Alex Brown, defensive end Adewale Ogunleye, linebacker Jamar Williams, safety Kevin Payne, cornerback Nathan Vasher, offensive tackle Orlando Pace, fullback Jason McKie, running back Adrian Peterson, running back Kevin Jones"

JD goes on to outline where the offense and defense ranked last season, but I’ll leave that depressing reading to you.

When you look at it right there in black and white, it would seem as though the additions outweigh the subtractions.  Or do they?  Dos the addition of Julius Peppers outweigh the losses of Alex Brown and Adewale Ogunleye?

Is there anyone listed on the “Key Additions” side of the ledger that adds to the Bears’ most critical offseason needs like offensive line or wide receiver?  I’d call those Key Omissions.