T.O. (yeah, that one), Cutler and Olsen Hanging Out in Chitown?


Only through the power of Twitter could you get these real time updates:

terrellowens @ underground!! Waiting on jay cutler 2 come n here 2 explain how I wouldn’t fit n their system!! Where u @ Jay?!
Mon, May 24 14:24:53 from MogoTXT

terrellowens Ut ohhhhhhhhh!! Jay’s n da house!! And his TE Greg Olson… Cool guys!
Mon, May 24 14:36:53 from MogoTXT

gregolsen82 @terrellowens. Good times. Hit the beach with us tomorrow. True Chicago summer
Mon, May 24 15:15:23 from TweetDeck

No, I did not make those tweets up, look them up for yourself…the only thing slightly off is I am working in SE Asia right now, so the time stamps look a little funny, so back up those times by 13 hours.  Yes, on a Sunday night/Monday morning in Chicago, T.O., Cutler and Olsen were hanging out at Underground and Olsen goes on to invite T.O. to join them at the beach tomorrow…maybe this is just a boys’ night out, but T.O., Cutler and Olsen don’t seem like they would just be “hanging out” except maybe for a recruiting trip???

Stay tuned…it’s probably nothing, but worth typing a few sentences to get my guy, Boomer, off my back for going dark for a while…until next time…

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