Dent Ranks Blackhawks Championship Behind Bears Super Bowl Title


Super Bowl XX MVP Richard Dent is happy for the Chicago Blackhawks on the Stanley Cup and all.  Heck, he even watched the parade.  But when it comes to Chicago’s ultimate championship team, there is no doubt in the Sack Man’s mind which team is #1:

"“I don’t think it ranks up there with our championship. People had a swagger when they talked about our championship because they know we would go out and kick ass and take names and come home with a victory. There was no doubt, there was no worry. It was all about taking care of business. If (the Blackhawks) play like that over the next three or four years….then you can start talking about other stuff.”"

With all due respect and proper deference to Dent and the ’85 Bears, there’s a reason they’re called the ’85 Bears – because they won ONE title in – you guessed it – 1985.  If the Bears had come even close to the 85 team in subsequent years, we’d be talking about the 80’s Bears or the Bears dynasty like we talk about the 90’s Bulls or the Jordan dynasty.

So don’t go calling out the ‘Hawks and saying that they need to play like that over the next three or four years to start talking about other stuff.  Let’s enjoy what they’ve done and let history be the judge of where they rank.