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Air Ditka Cleared for Takeoff


In case you missed this, I thought I’d share.  Head over to Deadspin to see a video of former Bears coach Mike Ditka go off on passengers on a delayed flight.  Did he say what I think he said at the very beginning of the video?  Go ahead, go back and check it out again and re-listen a few times.  Here’s the moral of the story – Don’t fuck with Da Coach.  He would make one badass Air Marshall, don’t ya think?

I wanted to use this video as a reminder that this blog is of the people, by the people, for the people.  In today’s new media, we are all reporters.  Your eyes and ears – along with nifty new smartphones, digital cameras and technology – can do more than any mainstream media outlet.  You can break news.  And I can help.

If you run into the Stanley Cup out on the town or see Jay Cutler blind drunk, or better yet both of those at the same time, send me a picture or a video.  I’ll be sure to post it with a big shoutout and my eternal gratitude.  And it doesn’t have any salacious.  If you see a player at an appearance or just out having lunch, send me an e-mail to and a little backstory and I’ll post it.

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