Fridge on the Mend, Bol Not So Much


When I heard about the sad passing of former NBA star Manute Bol last weekend and read about William “The Refrigerator” Perry being on the road to recovery, it made me think of the above picture.  Who the hell put this fight together anyway, George Washington Duke from Rocky V?  I’ll take 80’s freaks for 100 Alex.

Bol suffered from a rare kidney disorder and died at the age of 47.  This from Yahoo Sports:

"Bol was hospitalized in mid-May during a stopover in Washington after returning to the United States from Sudan. Prichard said then that Bol was in Sudan to help build a school in conjunction with Sudan Sunrise but stayed longer than anticipated after the president of southern Sudan asked him to make election appearances and use his influence to counter corruption in the county.He said Bol had undergone three dialysis treatments and developed Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, a condition that caused him to lose patches of skin. Prichard said the skin around Bol’s mouth was so sore he went 11 days without eating and could barely talk."

Meanwhile, Perry is bouncing back despite some hearing loss since he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome last year.  Check out this post from

"Fellow NFL standout Michael Dean Perry said Monday his 47-year-old brother has regained most of his strength and is back up to about 330 pounds as he recovers in his South Carolina home.Michael Dean Perry says his brother lost more than 100 pounds since he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome last year. William Perry spent time at a North Carolina rehab center before moving back home."

Glad to see Fridge is “back up to about 330.”  Does anyone else see a problem with that?   Back up to 330?  I think the scale is moving in the wrong direction.  Nevertheless, I’m glad to hear that his health feels good.  He should be back in GI Joe shape in no time!