NFL Videos’ 32 in 32 Previews the Bears


The NFL Network is doing their 32 teams in 32 days segment to preview all 32 teams in 32 days leading up to the start of training camp.  Clever title, right?

Their 22nd ranked team?  You guessed it – your Chicago Bears!  They don’t like sharing their video, so you’ll have to settle for clicking this link or the image above to see the video.  See you back here in a few minutes for my analysis after the jump.

First of all, the key losses don’t bother to list either of last year’s starting defensive ends?  Especially Alex Brown, who will likely be a starter in New Orleans.  More on AB in another post.  Then you list Kevin Jones – who didn’t play a down in the regular season – Nathan Vasher and turnstyle Orlando Pace as Key Losses?  Puh – lease!  I can see where this video is going.

The big focus is on the offense and Mike Martz, but then they go on to talk about how it’s a cold environment and the Bears want to run the ball.  If that’s the case, why the hell did they get Martz?

It’s funny to see how they talk about the Bears receiver corp as a kind of “by committee” thing.  Sure, if you don’t have a great WR, it’s going to have to be by committee.  I had to snag this graphic of the wide receiver production off the video:

For all of you fucking Rashied Davis apologists out there, which of his 5 catches was your favorite???  Buh bye!

Of course they talk about the O-line needing to be a key, but then don’t elaborate on it.  Then back to the Cutler and Martz marriage and go all Ron Jaworski on two of Cutty’s worst INT’s last season; the picks by D-linemen.  Thanks for reminding me!  Ugh!

Brad Biggs seems to think that the marriage will provide plenty of fireworks.  The only question is whether they blow up in the Bears’ faces or not.  It’s going to boom or bust down by the lake this fall.  You know what I’m hoping for!

So what do you think?  Will the Bears offense be boom or bust next season.  Hit it up in the comments.