Bears Don’t Really Rank Among Fox’s Top 100 Players

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100. Jay Cutler, QB, Bears (2009 Rank: 17)

"For years, I’ve been killed for being a Jay Cutler “apologist.” After last season, in which I predicted he would lead the Bears to the NFC Championship only to see him toss an NFL-high 26 INTs, I ate quite a bit of crow. But I’m still a sucker for that cannon arm, and with Mike Martz and Chester Taylor in town there’s a lot to like about Cutler in 2010. The Bears WRs may not be household names, but there’s big expectations in the Martz offense. Despite the picks, Cutler still threw for 3,500+ yards and 27 TDs in ’09. I’ll roll the dice: Forget the haters, Jay Cutler’s one of the top 100 NFL players."

How the mighty have fallen.  I guess 26 interceptions will drop you 83 or so spots from his 2009 ranking of #17.  I’m probably not ruining anything for you when I tell you that at #100, Cutty is the lone representative of the Bears offense on Schrager’s list.