Which QB is tops in NFC North?

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The FanSided network’s NFL sites are killing time before the start of the season by trying to figure out which division is the toughest in football. To do so, each division is setting up an all-division team. The mother ship will create a little tourney to match the divisional teams against each other in a winner-take-all, uncontested toughest division in football title.

Believe me, working with the rival NFC North bloggers is not all it’s cracked up to be, especially the Packers blogger, who is a complete douche bag. Just another reminder for why I hate the Packers, their fans and have at least a mild case of lactose intolerance.

So we’ve decided to put a few posts together to settle who is best at some of the high-profile positions and what is more high-profile than quarterback? I would have cringed at the thought of pitting the Rex Grossmans and Cade McNowns of seasons past against the Big Ten’s cast of quarterbacks, but I think that with Jay Cutler, we are at least competitive with our NFC North rivals for competency at the quarterback position.

Let’s look at the contestants, shall we?

Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears

2009 Stats: 16 Games, 27 TD’s, 26 INT’s, 3,666 yards, QB Rating = 76.8

Cutler had a tough year adjusting to his new team in 2009. If you’ve ever seen someone try to carry 20 years of incompetence on his shoulders, it was Cutler. With the lack of any proven wide receivers, an offensive line who seemed better suited to be Walmart greeters and an scheme that hadn’t changed since the mid-90’s (1890’s that is), Cutty didn’t have much of a chance to succeed. Surround him with the top talent of the NFC North and he has the tools to lead the division to glory.