Inside Look: Lance Briggs Trashes Management, Lamborghini (Video)


Lance Briggs opened up to CSN Chicago’s Pat Boyle in their recent Inside Look special.  In Part 1, it’s cool to see another side of Lance.  He gets a little choked up when talking about his mom, his dad and his kids.  See, these guys are people just like us, except much bigger, stronger and with lots more money.

In Part 2 Briggs gets a little surly.  He takes  management to the task for getting rid of Ron Rivera.  “If it ain’t broke, why try to fix it?”  Couldn’t agree more.  When you have to qualify your statement with “not to take away anything from the coaches who are coaching us now…”  you are taking away from the coaches who are coaching you now.  He goes on to rip the Bears for getting rid of Alex Brown.  Welcome to the club Lance!

In Part 3, he talks about his 1-car accident on the Edens.  Check out this clip and roll to the 1:30 mark where he talks about the accident.  Hang with it until the end when he reveals just how much damage he did to his Lamborghini.  Seriously?  That’s a modest house just in damages! What the hell is that car worth?!?!?

Hit the jump to check out the video clip I downloaded and the rest of the interview.

In Part 4, Lance plugs his foundation and work with kids and gets all geeky with comic books.  Yes, Lance Briggs is a comic book geek whose favorite character is Silver Surfer.

It’s a nice piece, so be sure to check out the other clips at


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