Brian Urlacher Discusses Injury, Sayers and Upcoming Bears Season (Video)


I was sifting through some articles and posts from last week and found this clip of the Chicago Bears’ own Brian Urlacher on with ESPN’s Jim Rome.  In the segment, #54 discusses last year’s season ending injury and looks forward to the 2010 season along with some other fun bits.

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Urlacher puts his injury from last season behind him and looks forward to the upcoming season, but not before taking a stop to defend his offseason spat with Gale Sayers.  I’ll give Big ‘Lach credit – he won’t back down from his comments.

Good thing that Urlacher is raring to go since the National Football Post’s Matt Bowen thinks that Urlacher is the key to the Bears defense.

"We have to understand that to play in Lovie Smith’s or Rod Marinelli’s version of the Tampa 2 defense, there has to be a playmaker at the MLB position. Someone who can run with any inside vertical scheme, show up on tape in the run front and make plays behind the line of scrimmage.  You have to get that out of the Mike Backer."

It’s funny watching the video in hindsight of “The Decision” since Rome tries to get a scoop out of Urlacher.  It’s nice to see the Brian did a pitch for Chicago, but it’s clear that there was no swaying LeBron from South Beach.  Hopefully Urlacher is better at convincing opposing running backs to drop the ball and get tackled.