Fantasy Preview: Jay Cutler


ESPN’s Tim Hasselbeck previews Jay Cutler’s 2010 fantasy value and doesn’t paint a pretty picture:

UPDATE: Apparently there is some trouble with embedded video, so click here to go to the video.

I’ve been as critical of the Bears as anyone, but I think Cutler will improve under Mike Martz.  Part of the reason that Cutler was under assault last year was the predictability of Ron Turner’s offense.   You wont’ have that under Martz.   You’ll see multiple formations, tons of motion and probably won’t see the same place twice.  OK, maybe I’m exaggerating with that last part.

The other thing I’m sick of hearing is how quarterbacks get hammered in Martz’s system because of the 5- and 7-step drops.  If Martz is supposed to be some offensive genius, doesn’t it stand to reason that he can adapt his offense to work with the Bears personnel?

My predictions for Cutler (assuming he stays healthy): 33 TD’s, 18 INT’s, 3900 yards.  What do you think?  Give me your predictions in the Comments.


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