NFC North vs South, AFC West vs North Latest Divisional Smackdown


They saved the best for last to close out the first round of the FanSided Divisional smackdown as the NFC North squares off against the NFC South while the AFC North takes on the AFC West.

The NFC matchup – the Civil War of the FanSided Divisional Smackdown will pit brother against brother, father against son, neighbor against neighbor to determine NFL supremacy.  OK, enough hyperbole, but it’s a great matchup.  I think the offenses are pretty closely matched, with Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees leading the way.  What gives the North the big advantage is the defense.  How would you like to have Julius Peppers and Jared Allen chasing you from the ends with Suh and half the Williams wall stuffing up the middle of the line?

The AFC matchup – the West vs the North – is probably the closest matchup out there.  Both teams are closely matched, but I’m giving the nod to the AFC North on the merits of their defense.  When you’ve got Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu is your secondary, that’s a pretty awesome duo. But don’t take my word for it – go check it out and vote for yourself.

We will advance to the second round next week and will crown our champ just before camps open, so keep checking back at