Tommie Harris Admits He’s Not the Same Player He Used to Be


Tommie Harris has come clean.  He admits that he’s not the player he used to be.  But it’s not what you expect – he claims he’s better!  Check out some quotes from Harris after Family Night practice at Soldier Field on Friday night from my new Twitter pal Michael C Wright’s ESPN Chicago Bears blog:

"“I definitely feel I’m not the same player I used to be. I’m better; much better,” Harris said. “I’m mentally stronger, everything. The game has slowed down for me to where I can see it at a whole different level. So I’m better. That’s how I definitely feel.”"

I’m gonna start calling Tommie Neo, you know, from The Matrix because he’s going to be dodging bullets out there.

But even Tommie knows that his actions will speak louder than his words:

"“I can’t talk about it in articles. I’ve got to go do it,” he said. “I’ve worked hard for this, and I’ve worked even harder to get back to that old player; that Pro Bowl player. That’s where I’m going. I’ve learned so much more through injury about how to be that person. At first, when I was doing the Pro Bowls and all that stuff, that stuff just came. I didn’t really know how to practice. I didn’t know how to do anything. But now that I know how, I’m just sharpening my knife every day. I don’t go out beating on my body, doing all this crazy stuff. I know what, and how to work on things each day.”"

Harris has participated in every practice in camp so far, so that bodes well for a healthy Harris.  If he can return to being the type of disruptive force that stormed into the league a few years ago, the Bears defense has a chance to return to a Top 5 unit.


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