Bears Offensive Line Taking Shape

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I have a feeling that Wednesday is quickly going to be my favorite day of the week during the season.  Why?  Because it’s the day that Mike Martz and Jay Cutler address the media.  It’s refreshing to have a couple of guys who tell it like it is.  Let’s hear from Martz on the offensive line.

The Bears believe they have answered one of their biggest questions heading into training camp without the benefit of a game – the offensive line is set. Or is it?  Mike Martz sure believes it is:

"“We are going to give them a chance to play together and see how it works out,” Martz said in front of the Olivet Nazarene University dining hall. “Each day that group is in the huddle, they’ve been in the same huddle now for a few days, they’ve gotten remarkably better because of consistency and they’re good players. I can’t tell you enough how much work has gone into that group and what a good job (line coach) Mike (Tice) has done with them. That is a physical group. I am very pleased. It’s fun to watch them. They’re getting better.”"

But then Martz goes on to say in the same interview that Frank Omiyale is still a question mark:

"“He’s not where he needs to be, but he’s so talented and he’s got the ability to be an exceptional right tackle,” Martz said. “He really does. He needs just like all young players and guys at his position [to learn] the little nuances and the mental part of playing this game. He’ll be fine."

"“He’s going to be a real good player. But he’s just got to fight his way through it, and that’s why with four, five weeks away from the season, that’s what you have to get done. You’ve got to work all that out. But he’s certainly the right guy to be there in our mind and I’m very pleased with him. He’s just got to continue to get better.”"

Check out a clip of the Martz interview after the jump.