Tommie Harris: The Window of Opportunity is Closing Fast


Tommie Harris took some time to sit down and chat with The Score’s Boers and Bernstein Thursday after practice.  I’ve been critical of Tommie in the past and I still think he’s got a screw or two loose, but the dude just cracked me up.  It was a great interview while I was stuck in some choke hold traffic that made the drive a little more bearable, no pun intended.  Give it a listen:


A few telling things in this piece.  First was Tommie’s admission that he recognizes that window of opportunity is closing fast.  I think he reflects what a lot of us and his teammates, coaches, etc are feeling – it’s win or go home this season.

He also believes  that the Bears have the Super Bowl feel to them.  I’ve heard this a few times and I think it’s Lovie’s arrogance or “Bearrogance” as I’ve heard B&B call it, but time will tell.

By the way, I can’t believe that they let him get out of that interview claiming to be a singer and rapper and not drop some lyrics.  That was a missed opportunity.

Make no mistake about it, if this Tommie shows up:

we’re in good shape.  But if we just get the pouting Tommie sitting on the sidelines:

it’s going to be a long season.

Tommie says to put the Bears down for 10 wins.  I think he’s crazy!  What do you think?


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