Bears Sacked by Raiders 32-17


Actions speak louder than words.  We’ve all heard that phrase but it’s especially meaningful on the heels of another Bears preseason loss, this time 32-17 to the visiting Oakland Raiders.

The words are what Lovie Smith and coaches spew all week about the offensive line grading out well on tape after first preseason game and how they like how the defense is coming together.

The actions are Kamerion Wimbley rolling past Chris Williams for 4 of the Raiders’ 5 first half Jay Cutler sacks. The actions are the Raiders consistently converting 3rd downs against our #1 defense.  The actions are getting a punt blocked for the second consecutive outing.  The actions resulted in a first half dominated by the Raiders.

If you want to watch the carnage, follow this link to check out the clip.  As for me, I’ll pass.  I want to keep my dinner down .

On the opening drive, the Raiders completed passes of 24, 18, 13 and 27 yards.  If that wasn’t bad enough, the biggest concern is that you’re getting this from the Oakland Raiders.  What is going to happen against some more seasoned offenses like Tony Romo in Week 2 and Aaron Rodgers in Week 3?  Heck, what are Matthew Stafford and Megatron Calvin Johnson going to do?

On the other side of the ball, just watching the first series, I can say a couple of things with some confidence.  Lance Louis is not ready to play football at this level.  Not sure when or if he will be, but he got manhandled inside.   After Louis gave  up a sack and the Bears facing a 3rd and 17, the Raiders came with a 3-man rush.  3 guys.  The Bears offensive line supposedly consists of 5 guys.  Yet Cutler was brought down for a second consecutive sack.  Does anyone else see a problem here?

If I can find one bright spot, it was Matt Forte’s 89-yard run.  It’s not even so much that he rattled off a long run, but it was the speed that he displayed, bursting through a hole and beating people down the field.  It was a speed that we didn’t see at all last year.  If this is the Matt Forte we expect to see this year, then is might make Mike Martz change his approach on offense and run the ball more.

Otherwise, it’s back to the drawing board for Lovie Smith, Mike Tice and Rod Marinelli in particular.