Was Bears Trip to Super Bowl XLI a Gift or a Curse?


Sometimes a reader’s comment is so good, it deserves it’s own post.  That is the case with one of our regulars here at Bear Goggles On, Windy Cynic.  In response to my post about Brian Urlacher and his latest injury, Windy posted this Comment:

"May I ask this of you Boomer and your readers?Was our Super Bowl run a gift or a curse?First, we signed Lovie and Jerry to extensions that still plague us.Second, several players “earned” new contracts…. #54, Vasher, THarris, and Tillman come to mind. Peanut has played, though not at his previous level and the other three haven’t lived up to their new contracts, one failed completely.Third, we lost names like Thomas Jones, Alex Brown, Ogunleye, Mike Brown, Ron Rivera and staff, Chris Harris…. you know, Leaders.Fourth, and to think there was debate over whether to pay Briggs!?! Best player we have and the anger generated by his payday was ridiculous.Maybe Brian should concentrate on football and stop arguing with Hall of Famers who see things differently than he does… and mix in no pregnant strippers to boot.Finally, injuries must not allow Lovie or Jerry any wiggle room in their complete incompetence.Was the Super Bowl a gift or a curse?"

Follow me after the jump to discuss this great question and vote in the poll.  (Yes, when a question is that good, you not only get a post, you get a poll too!)

WOW!  That is quite a question Windy dumped on us.  That Super Bowls seems like a lifetime ago, doesn’t it?  That’s what three straight seasons of missing the playoffs will do.

The 2006 season provided some of my favorite sports moments of all time.  Would I trade those in for a better Bears team today?  I don’t think I would.  The Bears haven’t been good since the Super Bowl and I think that falls entirely on Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo.  So much so, that I actually have another blog dedicated to it – FIRE LOVIE SMITH.

The triumvirate of Teddy, Jerry and Lovie feathered their nests with big, fat contract extensions that as if they had actually won something and we’re still paying the price.  Drunk with power, they moved out anyone who challenged them (Ron Rivera) and brought in their buddies and players they liked (Adam Archuletta = buh bye Chris Harris!).

On the flipside, if the Bears organization hadn’t picked up the tab on some new paper for Lovie and Jerry after the Super Bowl, there would have been an outcry from Alsip to Zion and throughout Bears Nation.

So help me answer Windy Cynic’s question and vote in the poll and back your vote up with a comment.  This is a great topic, so let’s see some discussion.


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