Bears vs Browns: Practice Preview


The Bears head to Cleveland to face the Browns for their last “glorified practice” of the preseason and it’s not looking good for our Monsters of the Midway.

I keep trying to remind myself of Allen Iverson’s preseason philosophy:

That YouTube clip is playing on a loop in Lovie Smith’s office.  There have been gaping holes on both sides of the ball yet despite that, don’t expect to see much from the guys you’ll actually see playing on Sundays.

Jay Cutler has already been ruled out.  I guess 10 sacks in less than a full game’s worth of action was enough to convince Lovie that Jay knows how to take a fall.   So you’ll get a steady dose of Todd Collins (if he survives).  Lance Briggs won’t play and don’t expect to see Urlacher either.  If you blink you’ll probably miss your other favorites, unless Jarron Gilbert is a favorite.

Speaking of Gilbert, rhe coaches will focus their attention on the bubble guys.  Fans should focus on reruns of The Office because you ain’t gonna learn anything about this Bears team that you don’t already know.  See you after practice!