Dan Hampton: Vikings Should Hit New Orleans Like Katrina


Former Chicago Bear and Hall of Famer Dan Hampton is now an analyst for Pro Football Weekly’s TV show where they break down the NFL action each week.  Here is Danimal previewing Thursday night’s NFL Kickoff game, the Minnesota Vikings visiting the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints:

That’s brutal.  What’s worse than the comment itself (if it’s possible) is how the show’s producers didn’t go back and edit that segment.  How does that clip not get to the cutting room floor?  The show is pre-recorded, so they had plenty of opportunity to re-record his comment or edit it out altogether.

Hampton earned his Hall of Fame status for his relentlessness on the field but it’s clear that he’s not a HOF caliber analyst.  Hampton is noted for having had a ton of surgeries over his career and I guess it’s time for another one:  removing his foot from his mouth.