Jay Cutler is Learning a New Offense – The Love Triangle


I have stayed away from this story so far because as long as they’re performing on the field, I could care less who the Bears date or how they choose to socialize, but this  could start bleeding into the season.  By now you’ve all heard that Jay Cutler has been making the rounds about town with celebrity “star” Kristin Cavallari.  But the plot thickens.

According to Perez Hilton (and a big hat tip to my sister Maggie who reads that crap), Jay has his hands full – really full.  Cutty has himself an old fashioned love triangle with Cavallari and actress Haley HigginsThis from Perez:

"Haley’s comedian ex-boyfriend Steve Berke says:“I know how uncomfortable it can be, because I was in a similar love triangle with Cutler and Haley for a solid two months before I lost out to him. I guess $100 million dollars and being the face of an NFL franchise was more attractive to her than a struggling comic from Miami.”"

I forgive Perez because he probably doesn’t know a football from a pair of balls, but he should know this:  a good quarterback always sends multiple receivers out on each play.  My only hope is that Jay’s protection is better than that of his offensive line.

My last bit of advise to Jay – don’t let this crap get in the way of your business on Sundays.  These chicks could make Ndamukong Suh seem tame by comparison.