Predicting All 16 Bears Games

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We’ve polled our bloggers to give their predictions for the Bears season, looking at each week. Big props to City for getting the ball rolling on this.

Week 1: Sunday, Sept. 12 vs. Detroit Lions, 12pm

(Bears WINS in BOLD)

Boomer: Lions are the Lions until proven otherwise. Bears 34-27

DeCon: Martz takes the training bra off the offense, but our D keeps it close.  Bears 41-34

Bart: Bears quell fans’ pre-season anxieties at least for a week with an impressive 31-16 win.

Gavin: Don’t let any of these guys fool you: I’m the cynic of the group. That said, the Lions are getting better, but not quite there yet. Bears win an ugly game.

City: First Game awkwardness from both “high powered” offenses. Bears win 17-13.

Sam: Cutler struggles in the Red Zone but Bears hold on to win