Predicting All 16 Bears Games

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Week 10: Sunday, Nov. 14 vs. Minnesota Vikings, 12pm

(Bears WINS in BOLD)

Boomer: Vikings will not forget a late-season loss last year that cost them home field and quite possibly the Super Bowl. Vikings 19-13

DeCon: If Gramps keeps up the pace he showed last night, could be interesting…but NO. Queens 24-Bears 10

Bart: This isn’t the same Vikings team, but it is the same Adrian Peterson.  Peterson runs wild, but Bears hold on again in exciting finish; Bears win 26-23 to move to 6-3

Gavin: At this point, I’m predicting a 5-3 record for our mighty Bears. But the schedule kicks us to the curb. Favre is addicted to painkillers again, but the Vikings still win.

City: If Favre is still in one piece, Vikes. But I’m willing to take the under and bet that he’s out by this point. Bears in an upset: 17-13.

Sam: Tjack is the man in Minny and it gets ugly.  Bears win