Predicting All 16 Bears Games

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Week 11: Thursday, Nov. 18 at Miami Dolphins, 7:20 p.m.

(Bears WINS in BOLD)

Boomer: Short week. On the road. Wildcat. I’ll be there and I’ll be drunk to get through it. Dolphins 28-13

DeCon: If they don’t win, my whole weekend in South Beach will SUCK!  Bears 21-17

Bart: With a large Chicago contingency out at the game, the Bears win their 6th in a row with an impressive Defensive performance; Bears win 24-10

Gavin: Hell, I don’t know. Just because I want the Three Blind Men to go, I’ll take the Fins.

City: No chance for the Bears after emotional win against Vikings. Miami by a lot – 45 – 24.

Sam: Bears vs Wildcat.  Edge to faster and more agile wildcat. Dolphins